How We Met

Shaghayegh and Stuart’s journey started off as colleagues. Stuart, a northern boy who recently moved to London for the project, never knew what was about to unfold over the coming weeks, months and years. 

Although a demanding, and gruelling project, the social activities and after work get togethers allowed everybody to unwind and in our case, enjoy some cheeky back and forth banter, while sipping one too many gin and tonics (or beers…) 

One stand out occasion that we both will never forget was attending a Young Rail Professionals event. The original plan had a group of young engineers attend, but on the day of the event, only three people remained. At the end of the day, that remained two, Shaghayegh and Stuart. 

Without realising, this intimate event became the first steps of their love story. 
They spent the entire evening drinking, laughing and chatting away. Time had flew by and yet they had so much more to talk about. 

Stuart’s way of getting Shaghayegh’s number was the good old ‘let me know when you get home’. Obviously, this required giving over his number. His cheeky way of doing this was by saving the number in her phone as “Stuart ‘The One’ Don’t forget to Marry!”. Obviously, he was drunk… 

We never thought that such a cheeky tale would live to be true! 

About Us

Shaghayegh and Stuart are fortunate to share many common interests. 

Their love for travelling and adventure has taken them all over the world, where they have made some of their most beautiful memories. The attractiveness of wine, food, exploration, sun and romance and togetherness continues year by year. 

Their passion for football remains to be a challenging, but full of ‘koorkoori’. Both supporting red, one Merseyside and the other a Gunner. Loyal to each team, but happy to support each other for the win. They often make the special occasion to watch their teams play each other. Some great times and great occasions on both sides, but I would say that Liverpool triumph the most! 

When it came to moving in or buying a house together, they did not have to think twice, it just felt right and was the natural next step. 

The Proposal

Tenerife, Tuesday 3rd September. My plan to completely surprise Shaghayegh was a successful one. I planned an evening to be secluded, romantic (obviously!), and unforgettable. The setting was perfect… a private dinner in our own little open hut, with a view of the sunset. I arranged for the acoustic musician to arrive at 7.30pm and play five songs of Shaghayegh’s favourite songs. 

After convincing Shaghayegh to face the sunset for a picture-perfect photo, I knelt on one knee and awaiting the turn. I will never forget the look of emotion, joy and happiness in her beautiful eyes.